Yamuna Body Rolling is the newest addition to my offerings and I am so  excited to share it and support other people on their rolling journey! This rolling technique has been and continues to be life changing for me. It reminds me of yin yoga with a ball…slow, intentional and letting the body release and shift as it is ready. 

Here is a brief overview of Yamuna Body Rolling:

YBR was created by Yamuna Zake, a yoga teacher and educator, who was inspired to empower others to maintain and heal their bodies throughout their life. 

Any BODY can benefit from YBR!

YBR helps restore space in the body where space has been lost due to a variety of reasons…repetitive patterns, injuries, stress, etc.

YBR stimulates bone, lengthens muscles, frees up fascia and other connective tissues in the body to help reeducate the body, restore alignment and create ease in the body.

YBR can be experienced seated, standing, in a bed, on the wall or on the ground. 



I have quite a few sets of Yamuna balls and I love and use all of them.   The face balls are great for me because they relieve tension and sinus headaches and trigeminal neuralgia pain.  You can gently roll the smaller ball over your eyes to relieve pressure. And you can use it on the back of your head at the base of the skull  to relieve painful tension. It definitely works better than your own hands and fingers.  You can use it to massage your temples and all over on your scalp to release tension and pain. The black body balls are good for relieving lower back pain. When you work with them you will learn to understand the muscles and nerves and trigger points in your body. You have to use them and not let them sit around on a shelf for the cat to knock off! Just like losing weight requires effort for results, so do using the Yamuna balls. These balls are worth every dollar I have spent on them.  Deb


Aging is connected to the loss of flexibility. We have all seen people with stooped shoulders and those who walk with difficulty. I am almost 64 years old now and don’t want that to be me. Yamuna Body Rolling helps release my muscles that have tightened and bunched up from every day body function. No matter what part of my body I roll, I get immediate results and feel the difference. No other body care activity has given me instant results. It is easy and fun too! Yamuna Body Rolling has given me the ability to walk tall and move easily. Thank you Rebecca Olsen and Perpetual Wellness.  Cyndi


Ready to try Yamuna Body Rolling?
Introductory session: $90 for 90 minutes, includes a ball to take home