‘Even when I don’t want to be here, I always feel better when I am done and I am glad I came.’

‘It’s like once you open up a space in your body, it craves more.’

‘I felt embarassed to ask you about helping me with my balance but I’m so happy I did. There are so many simple things I learned that I can feel are helping me with my balance. I feel different muscles waking up.’

‘It took me 20 years to like yoga. I’ll keep giving Yamuna Body Rolling a try.’

‘We began the class with a ‘3 word check-in. I believe my Ist word was anxious, 2nd was nervous but the most accurate was my 3rd word- ‘fragmented’. After the class, we ‘checked in’ again. I felt so light & actually airy. Things just seemed clearer.’

‘Wow. After all the times we have played with the three part breath practice, I can actually feel my breath in my upper ribs as they gently open and close as I breathe.’

‘The changes in awareness and thought processes are so small you could almost dismiss them. It’s a long process, but I feel that I am able to pause more & make a conscious choice about how I want to treat my body.’

‘I wish everyone knew they could feel better in their body. How do we spread the word?’

‘My lower back pain is virtually gone after lying on the Yamuna® balls in the bed before I go to sleep. It was so bad before I started, that I had a day that I couldn’t stand up straight.’

‘I want to let you know that I went back to jazzercise after years of not attending. I would not have made it through class 2 years ago before we started meeting again.’

‘I have to say like I felt like I wasn’t doing much compared to my usual lifting weights & walking. When I got home, I felt all my muscles alive as if I I had lifted 30 pounds & felt stretched & pain free.’

‘I feel like my legs and pelvis have so much space after supported bridge on the Yamuna ball. I even walk different. I told my chiropractor about it.’

‘Changing your body is WAY more mental and emotional than one can understand at the beginning of this journey. The way I eat and choose to move my body is directly related to my mind and feelings. I could not have gotten to this place of empowerment without a team including therapy.’

‘You’re a miracle worker… I’m packing my balls for vacation. I repeated the routine with the black balls & the pain went away again.’

‘I was sitting in the dentist chair and they told me I had to wait 5 minutes for the cement to set. I thought to myself, what can I do for 5 minutes, so I decided to do a chair yoga routine in my head without moving my body. I could feel it working without moving my body!’

‘I woke up in the middle of the night & my sciatica was hurting. I got out of bed & grabbed my Yamuna balls & began to use them. The pain left. How does that happen? I am always amazed.’