Receive customized support for YOU!
Mix and match your packages.
Sessions are offered in person or online.


Yamuna® Body Rolling-
Tailored support and exploration of one’s body to help stimulate bone, reeducate muscles and restore space in the body to help create more ease and life long changes. 

Functional/Personal Training-
Tailored support that consists of blending together corrective, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises to meet desired outcomes of the client. 

Corrective Exercise/Personal Training-
Tailored support with an emphasis on realigning the body and pain relief using self-massage, stretching techniques and strengthening techniques after an in-depth assessment. 

Health Coaching-
Tailored exploration and support that emphasizes health and wellness behaviors that directly impact lifestyle changes desired by the client. 

Tailored support that answers questions, explores poses and props and fosters confidence in practicing in a class or in a home practice. 



30 Minutes-
1 session   = $50   
4 sessions = $180
8 sessions = $320

45 Minutes- 
1 session   = $70
4 sessions = $260
8 sessions = $440

60 Minutes-
1 session   = $90
4 sessions = $320
8 sessions = $560