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10:00AM  Yoga for Mobility & Stability
12:00PM   Chair Yoga (online)
  7:00PM   Yamuna Body Rolling

  9:00AM   Yin Yoga & Yamuna Body Rolling 
12:00PM   Chair Yoga (online)

10:00AM   Yoga for Mobility & Stability
11:30AM   Gentle Yoga (off site)

 9:00AM   Yamuna Body Rolling   
 3:00PM   Chair Yoga (online)

Varying workshops and offerings 

  5:00PM   Yin Yoga

All classes are taught to all levels with a variety of options to offer the optimal personal experience for any ‘body’, no previous experience needed. I ask for requests/needs at the beginning of each class. No need to have specific equipment. We can get creative!


Yamuna Body Rolling- 60 minutes
A unique experience using a variety of balls to roll different parts of the body in order to create space, stimulate bone, reeducate muscles and help create ease and optimal health in the body. Props and techniques are adjusted for every body!

Yin Yoga & Yamuna Body Rolling Combo- 60 minutes
A chance to explore, restore & relax through a combination of Yin Yoga & Yamuna practices. The practice ends with Savasana aka Resting Pose. Benefits include reducing tension & finding more ease in the body, a reduction in stress and so much more!

Yoga for Mobility & Stability Yoga- 60 minutes
A form of yoga performed on a mat that moves mindfully and slowly with time to connect to a posture, safely adjust the posture, add props if needed and encourage mobility & stability throughout the body and the joints. Some days we incorporate standing movements and some days we never make it off the ground! 

Chair Yoga- 45 minutes (online)
A form of yoga performed seated in a chair that makes poses accessible for anyone and aims to mindfully increase range of motion, decrease tension and find new ways to experience postures. 

Yin Yoga- 60 minutes
A form of yoga that targets the deep layers of connective tissue in the body rather than the muscles. Typically postures are held for 2-5 minutes, seated or lying, with or without props, in order to restore and maintain the mobility of the joints and energy flow in the body. 


Yoga Nidra- 60 minutes  (1 Sunday per month)
A form of guided meditation and conscious relaxation, also known as yogic sleep. Class begins with a gentle flow and then transitions to nidra. Benefits include a reduction in stress and anxiety, a decrease of muscular tension and pain in the body, improved sleep quality and more! Gentle flow can be completed on a bed or a mat.

Meditation- 30 minutes
An opportunity to activate your pause button in life, let go of expectations, learn a nugget about meditation, ask questions and experience a guided meditation. Benefits include deepening your relationship with yourself and all of who you are, supporting yourself in a more loving and whole way, ability to hit the pause button more and so much more!

Employee / Small Group- 30-90 minutes
An opportunity to put together your own 1x or ongoing session that meets your group needs. Experience anything from Yamuna®, to yoga, to fitness to meditation or a combination! Message me to discuss availability & pricing. 

Gentle Yogilates on the Ball- 45 minutes
A variety of pilates core exercises and stretches on the stability ball including seated, standing and lying down.

Restorative Yoga- 60 minutes
A form of yoga that focuses on releasing muscular tension rather than lengthening or strengthening muscles. Poses are held for a longer period of time and fully supported by props as you deepen your connection to relaxation and being still. Benefits include relearning how to relax, releasing muscular tension, calming the sympathetic nervous system and engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, improved sleep quality and more!



Yamuna Body Rolling
1 session-  $25   
4 sessions-  $88
8 sessions – $160

Mat Options
1 session-  $20   
4 sessions-  $60
8 sessions-  $100

Donation Based Pricing Available
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