Rebecca has been my personal trainer on and off for the past 10 years.  She has a holistic and sensible approach to fitness.  I so appreciate the emotional support she provides.  The journey to fitness is not just a physical one but mental as well.  She has helped me to believe in myself and process any issues in my life or things standing in the way of my personal goals.  Over the years my abilities due to age and orthopaedic issues have changed.  Nonetheless I feel empowered and challenged by the workouts.  Rebecca meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.

Chair yoga has made a remarkable difference. I have been attending since July, 2020.   My balance is improved, as is my ability to simply lean over to pick something up from the floor without hesitation. My core is much stronger, making it possible to stand from a sitting position more easily.
I, personally, have never been a big fan of working out. Treadmill and stationary bicycle, some years ago were  okay, but I have become sedentary over the past 10 years because of arthritis in one knee, especially.  Chair yoga is the perfect exercise class for anyone with mobility issues.  I really appreciate the results, and what’s more, it is a lot of fun meeting up virtually 3 times a week during the pandemic!  I have had seriously  good results, reminding me that I possess both physical and mental “muscles”  that I have not used in a long time,
Love it ! Maryl

I love working with Rebecca. She is someone that not only cares about improving your physician health, but your entire being. She respects your personal limitations but provides amazing encouragement to keep working. Working with her for the past year has helped me develop more consistent movement habits, and also has encouraged me out of my comfort zone and try things like meditation and reiki (both of which I love!). Jessica

I have worked with Rebecca in the practice of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and workshops on Inner Work of Self-Transformation, What’s Your Super Power? and Body Wisdom. I have learned many tools to create space in my life. As I began to recognize and honor my authentic self, I sometimes have to say “No or Not at this moment” to family and friends. Of course, I felt guilty and those around me did not receive it very well. I had to take the chance to try something different, because the old way was not working. I was consistent in my actions in creating space for myself. The family and friends around me had no choice but to realize, I was serious. They now support and respect my time and energy.   Since working from home, I am busier than ever and have more distractions. I am sure most of us can relate. Even though, I am busy, I do not feel overwhelmed. I have shifted my energy so it positively empowers others as well as fuels me to be more creative. Each time I am faced with challenges, I look at them as opportunities. The Body Wisdom Workshop was an opportunity to learn something new and do things different. I am practicing what I learned and I am full of energy and I am losing weight. Yay to the healthy me! This all began because I learned without feeling guilty how to create space for ME!
I am grateful, thankful and blessed for Rebecca who shares her kindness, patience and knowledge to help us be the best version of ourselves!

A small class means I can get individual attention, focus on my body’s needs, flexible, personalized instruction, expert advice, encouragement. I’ve tried the “big gyms” on my own, but it’s too easy to quit without the personal feedback of an instructor. When I started the class a year ago I was unable to lift a gallon of water to the upper shelf of my refrigerator (torn ligaments in rotator cuffs since 2007), now I can, without pain! Thank you, Ms Rebecca. Dona

My husband can now touch his toes. We both use the positions we have learned to overcome pain or tightness in areas. Holding the positions for the Yin Yoga amount of time allows for great stretching. I have no idea how many times a day I do a forward fold to stretch my back. Also, taking that hour for ourselves to stretch and relax is something we most likely would not do without being signed up for classes. Thank you so much! Cyndi

Rebecca, You and I have known each other for nearly 20 years and I have trained with you for a number of those years. You have always been aware and find ways to accommodate my everchanging body and mind. You are sincere about how you work with people, you remember to focus on what their issues are and what is the best way to work with each individual. You’ve helped me become not only physically stronger but I would like to think a better person. You are so considerate and have a personality that makes people feel at ease. You are one of the kindest people I know. Never judging – never giving up. Rosanna

I have been with you from day one, I think.  I have a bad curvature (never remember the medical term) in my back and am constantly in pain.  You have been so patient and understanding, and I truly appreciate your personal touch!  The stretches have become easy so I appreciate the standing exercises you are teaching us.  I also have bronchial asthma, and you are teaching me how to breathe!  It has taken a long time, but I can actually feel my belly going in and out!  I can even touch the floor when we bend forward!  I enjoy our classes so much, they are very educational, informative and so much fun.  Some days I try to talk myself out of going because I feel so bad, but I go and feel 80% better!!  Thank you, Rebecca, for being such a good friend. Pat

You are an excellent trainer and more.  You do what is required of a trainer based on the individuals needs and most important you listen to your people.  You keep yourself educated and up to date regarding all aspects of training and on rare occasions when I ask about some craziness that I heard you always let me know what works and what will not.   Angela

The latest workshop offered by Rebecca Olsen of Perpetual Wellness entitled Seeds of Change was held through Facebook Live.  Rebecca facilitated a series of thought provoking daily chats focused on the process of a personal change.  The change could be anything an individual wanted to focus on for the next 90 days.  Rebecca has offered several free workshops over the last year.  These workshops provided thoughtful discussion about personal change.  Rebecca speaks from her own personal challenges and uses that to help others focus on how to make a plan by first identifying what it is you are looking to improve.  It can be anything such as improving your weight, or any health issue that would improve your overall well being.  
Rebecca is open to work with an individual in identifying what they would like to focus or just to make a plan for whatever you have identified for your focus.  There is no pressure to commit to any program but she will offer coaching and support for a set period and price.  Rebecca is a mentor and coach who teaches yoga, Pilates, yogilaties and conducts personal training.  She also offers Reiki and meditation sessions.
I gain beneficial knowledge from any of the sessions Rebecca offers.  The Seeds of Change sessions helped me look at what I could do to improve an identified issue and work on it for a period and look to making progress toward a set goal.  Joanne

Rebecca has been an important part of my life for a number of years. She not just took over my rehab after my PT ended, a number of times, but also became an part of my ability to regain strength and balance. Rebecca is not just a trainer who has a wealth of knowledge, but a friend who has a genuine interest in my total wellbeing. This is a quality that she extends to all of her clients… lucky for us. Susan

Working with Rebecca, I have gained the accountability I was looking for.  I’ll never forget shortly after starting training with her, there was a week or so that I had not logged any workouts.  She left me a smiley face with question marks, I knew then that she was invested in my success and that one small action was enough to motivate me to do better.
Also, her voice is in my head when I workout alone or in another instructors class.  It’s telling me to breathe and brace my belly.  Liz